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Rent the Skid pads

Size = 540 X 310

Small Skid Pad

$1,300/day weekend; $1000/weekday for 1-20 vehicles.
$2,500/day weekend; $2000/weekday over 20 vehicles

Size = 662 X 363

Big Skid Pad

$2000/day weekend; $1500/week day- 1 to 10 vehicles
$3000/day weekend; $2500/week day- 11 to 30 vehicles
$4000/day weekend; $3500/week day - 31 to 40 vehicles
$5000/day weekend; $4500/week day - 41 plus vehicles

If you want to allow tandem drifting on the skid pads
(2 cars at a time) you must purchase
an additional insurance policy at $250 per day.

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