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Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 01:10 PM PST
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Available Rental Days At Thunderhill

General News

Thunderhill has open dates on the 3 and 2 mile tracks in January & February.

January 2 Mile Track: 31

February 3 Mile Track: 2,3,9,10,16,17,18

February 2 Mile Track: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26

Don't forget to check our schedule of events page for all available Dates. Schedule Here

For more information on how easy it is to rent Thunderhill call Shannon Ell right now at 530-934-5588 ext. 103 or you can send an email to Shannon@thunderhill.com

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News Flash!!

General News

We will be running an open test day this Friday January 30:

The track configuration this Friday will be the original 3 mile track.

You can download the track map here.

The track fee is $199. Open to street cars and race prepared cars in separate sessions.

Please call to let us know you will be attending.

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MINI returning to Thunderhill Raceway Park

General News

MINI Thunder VI  Feb 15, 2015
Like the swallows returning to Mission San Juan Capistrano every March 19 (St Joseph's Day)
Mini Coopers from around the country converge on Thunderhill every Presidents Day in Feb.
Mini Enthusiasts all the western states, plus as far away as Meade Nebraska and Toronto Canada will be making their trek
to join hundreds of their Miniacs for a fun filled HPDE Track day at their favorite track Thunderhill Raceway!
MINI Thunder is one of the crowd and staff's favorite events and has continuously grown each year!


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Thunderhill Report

General News

Happy Holidays from all of us west of town at Thunderhill Raceway Park. As you  reflect on this past year it is my hope that Thunderhill had some positive impact on you in 2014. We know that a good many jobs exist in our community to serve our many customers. Maybe you have one of those jobs.  A Chico State study says that we are responsible for over one-third of the retail activity in the local economy. There is evidence that if you own a hotel, restaurant or Wal Mart that you are glad we are here. Some of you worked with us over the year and even more of you have kids that worked here in the summer or during school breaks. A great many local people have been involved in our $5,000,000 expansion of the track either as a contractor, construction worker, planning and building official or one of a great many other assignments that produced Thunderhill West. For those of you who brought your teen-age drivers here to learn life-saving car control skills, I thank you.  Please know that you gave your young driver a priceless experience that will make them a safer driver their entire life.

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Open Test Days At Thunderhill

General News

To view All the scheduled Open Test Days At Thunderhill In 2015 Please Click Here.

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Lockers At Thunderhill

General News

There are seven [7] lockers for rent by the day, week, month or year.  They are available first come, first serve. Call now!  

Dimensions: 4’ wide, 4’ deep and 7’ tall. Two compartments allow for soft materials on top and tires and tools below. No fuel storage or other highly flammable materials. Contained oil supplies OK.


Prices:                   $39/day                $99/week            $299/month       $2,499/year.   No sublets.

Prices subject to change as this new customer service project gets off the ground.


Deposit required on weekly and monthly rentals equal to ½ of one period rental fee - $50 for a week and $150 for a month and $500 for a year. Lost lock fee of $50. Deposit is also applicable to any damages that may occur to the locker[s].

Contact David at 530 934 5588 ext 101 or dvodden@thunderhill.com for more info.

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Pacific Track Time At Thunderhill

General News


We want to thank our friends at Pacific Track Time for another great season and creating this awesome video of motorcycle life at Thunderhill!

We want to thank the entire motorcycle community for choosing Thunderhill Raceway as your favorite place to race!

Happy Holidays From Thunderhill

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Update On Thunderhill West's Club House & Garages

General News


The club house at Thunderhill West is nearing completion. The garages are also finished. How cool is that?

Garages on the WEST side are now available for rent. We are looking for yearly tenants first. RENT for the 25 Hours too!!  Call now. Space is truly limited. If you have expressed an interest in one of the four WEST garages already we encourage you to call now so that your request is not lost in the shuffle. These are brand new, clean and a great place to keep you race toys. 530-934-5588.

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How To Reach The Tire Shop At Thunderhill

General News

Jim Thompson at 530-934-5588 ext. 112 or at: tires@thunderhill.com 

Please call prior to arriving at the track to make sure we are open. If you are a club wanting service during your events there is a $150 fee to have the tire shop open. Please be sure to schedule this service at least 1 week prior to you event.

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Thunder On The Hill

General News

As a long-time member of the Club and the President and CEO of your race track I thought you might enjoy a little back ground check. Who is this guy at Thunderhill Park? Where did he come from? Inquiring minds want to know.
I started my racing career on May 10,  1948 in Billings Montana, the fourth of seven siblings. My older brother Lee was tasked with my survival and keeping me busy so as not to cause too much trouble anywhere. It happens that he was a fan of racing. It was the post WWII golden era of Jalopy racing and Billings Montana had two dirt oval tracks – Wonderland Speedway and Flying Saucer Speedway. He rode me on the handlebars of his bike to and from these tracks and to and from gas stations and junk yards where jalopies rested in between racing events. The smell of oil-soaked dirt and the fermenting of used upholstery and rusty metal still conjures up great memories of these old times.



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