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Wednesday, March 04 2015 @ 10:32 PM PST
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Available Rental Days At Thunderhill

General News

Thunderhill has the following open dates on the 3 & 2 mile tracks in March.


March 3 Mile Track: 9,10,11,17,19

March 2 Mile Track: 5,7,8,15,16,17,18,19,20,23,25,26,28,29,31


Don't forget to check our schedule of events page for all available Dates. Schedule Here

For more information on how easy it is to rent Thunderhill call Shannon Ell right now at 530-934-5588 ext. 103 or you can send an email to Shannon@thunderhill.com

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Double Test Day This Friday March 6th

General News


We've got a special test day this Friday. Testing on the three mile-SCCA race course will be available to race prepped cars only with three run groups starting at 9:00 am. The cost is $299 for a full day and $199 for afternoon sessions.
But wait, that's not all! For an additional $100 you can add the two mile track to your day. There are lots of reasons to add this value to your Friday test day:
1- You can zip over to the 2-mile track anytime during the day and get more track time based on the schedule for the day.
2- You can go have fun and learn a new track.
3- You can let your crew members or family members drive on the 2-mile track while you test on the 3-mile.
4- It is cheap!
This will be run as a separate course and accessed only by driving from paddock to paddock.
Call 530-934-5588 ext 103 for more info.
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Next Teen Car Control Clinic June 29, 2015

General News

Our next clinic is on June 29th 2015 on our 2 mile track know as Thunderhill West. Click here to sign up for this fun, exciting, life saving event! The road can be a dangerous place, especially for new drivers.  In fact, traffic accidents are the leading cause of teenage death. To address this issue, Thunderhill has teamed up with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA), and put its own version of “drivers-ed” called the NASA Teen Car Control Clinic. During this clinic, teens and new drivers are taught skills that are not normally learned during normal driving conditions such as threshold breaking, how to react to two wheels dropping off the side of the road, and accident avoidance drills.

Don't wait, sign up today!

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Download Thunderhill's Mobile App Today!

General News

Download the new Thunderhill mobile app! Stay in touch with our daily events, find an available date to rent the track, or find your next track day at Thunderhill. We will also be sending out very special offers to our mobile app users! Be the first on your block to download our new mobile app today!

       IPhone User Click Here:                                                 Android Users Click Here:

Or you can simply scan the QR code in the flyer below to download the app.

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Lockers At Thunderhill

General News

There are seven 7 lockers for rent by the day, week, month or year. They are available first come, first serve. Call now!  

Dimensions: 4’ wide, 4’ deep and 7’ tall. Two compartments allow for soft materials on top and tires and tools below. No fuel storage or other highly flammable materials. Contained oil supplies OK.

Prices:  $39 day, $99 week, $299 month, $2,499 year.   

No sublets. Prices subject to change as this new customer service project gets off the ground. Deposit required on weekly and monthly rentals equal to ½ of one period rental fee - $50 for a week and $150 for a month and $500 for a year. Lost lock fee of $50. Deposit is also applicable to any damages that may occur to the locker[s].

Contact David at 530 934 5588 ext 101 or dvodden@thunderhill.com for more info.

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Thunderhill West's Club House & Garages Are Now Complete!

General News



The highly anticipated club house at Thunderhill West has now been completed!

The 5 new garages are also finished and we have 3 available for rent. Call now as garage space is truly limited.These are  a great place to keep you race toys safe and secure. 530-934-5588 ext 105 or 102.

We are also looking for a “partner” who would like to make Thunderhill West their track home. This could be a technical school, driving school such as Barber, or a corporate auto manufacturer such as Tesla. The opportunity is available to any entity that could benefit from having a race track in their company parking lot. Taking advantage of this once-in-a-life-time opportunity also provides a great many other added values that are totally unique to Thunderhill. There will only be one “partner” in  this exclusive position. Make it you and your motorsports business! If you are interested, please call us at 530 934 5588 ext 101 or email us at dvodden@thunderhill.com

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How To Reach The Tire Shop At Thunderhill

General News

Jim Thompson at 530-934-5588 ext. 112 or at: tires@thunderhill.com 

Please call prior to arriving at the track to make sure we are open. If you are a club wanting service during your events there is a $150 fee to have the tire shop open. Please be sure to schedule this service at least 1 week prior to you event.

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"Skid At The Hill" Is Available For Rent

General News



Interested in renting our skid pad? You should be because it has almost doubled in size! If you have 1 car or multiple cars we've got you covered.To find out more information, call Shannon Ell today at 530-934 5588 Ext 103 or e-mail Shannon@thunderhill.com

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Thunderhill Voted One Of The Top Tracks In The USA!

General News

We were excited to be included in this list of the top 17 best race tracks in the US.

See if you agree and read all about it right here: Thunderhill #2

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Thunder On The Hill #6

General News

Motorsports has the longest season of any professional sport! At Thunderhill it starts in January and ends in December. We booked Christmas and New Year’s Day last year. At the peak of this season is the month of May. Make no mistake the Indianapolis 500 is still the pinnacle of the sport celebrating 98 years this May as the biggest single day sporting event in the world. In two years the American motorsports culture will celebrate the 100th running of this great 500-mile, 200 lap race. It will be both deserving of international recognition and spectacular. I hope to be there!



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