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Saturday, December 20 2014 @ 02:21 PM PST
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Wade Bundy Of Insurrection Racing Takes A Lap!

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The History Of Thunderhill According To David. Part Four

General News

After the excitement and drama of the grand opening of Thunderhill on that Halloween weekend in October of 1993 the next task was to build the business and to put Thunderhill on a solid foundation for the years ahead. Sears Point and Laguna Seca were popular tracks with long legacies and lots of business. We were the new kid on the block. Could we compete? Could we rent enough days to pay the bills and keep the property open? These were all fair questions and the answers depended, to a large extent, on how we approached the task.

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We Are In This Together

General News

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER – is a phrase I like to use when talking to the folks who rent Thunderhill Park. Occasionally some one will ask what I mean by this statement. Here is the answer.

Thunderhill Park was built to provide a long-term future for recreational track users. In the late 80s and early 90s, clubs that rented the available road courses were not the focus of the tracks that existed back then. Professional events were the bread and butter and dates and resources were distributed accordingly. When Jack Williams turned Sears Point over to his then partner, the price for track usage for clubs doubled. When Laguna Seca was transferred to Monterey County from the federal government things changed there as well. At the same time that oldnemesis, land value, was consuming Riverside Raceway in Southern California. Ontario Motor Speedway had already failed financially. What was a recreational track user to do?

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Mike Guasch Wins Again!

General News

05-15-2011 Snetterton, England: Fantastic Hard Earned Maiden Win For United Autosports After Dramatic British Championship GT Race! United Autosports scored a stunning maiden race victory today (Sunday May 15) when Matt Bell (GB) and Michael Guasch (USA) swept the #23 Molecule Audi R8 LMS to a dramatic, last-gasp yet thoroughly deserved victory in the third round of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship at Snetterton (England). Click here for full story

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Japan Quake

General News
While the unfortunate consequences of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan that continue to dominate the front pages of nearly every news sources can seem like they are happening a world away. The repercussions of this regrettable event are still being fully realized here in the United States. The effect of the catastrophe that has befallen the Fukushima nuclear power plant and its potential impact on us here in the states could present a potential danger; the economic impact is already being felt here in the states. 
Being the third largest economy, an interruption in Japan’s supply chain has had a dramatic effect in a multitude of industries ranging from automotive to electronics. Though most of the initial effect is being felt at the finished assembly level, like Honda or Nissan dealers not having enough cars for the summer buying season, a greater shock is soon to be felt at the component level. Moreover, companies here in the United States are being forced to halt production or even close down factories because of a lack of parts from Japan. Just this past week, General Motors announced that it would halt product of its Louisiana plant. GM spokesman said "We have suspended production at Shreveport for next week due to parts shortages due to the crisis in Japan. We will resume operations as soon as we can,".
Tires are another Japanese commodity that we are heavily reliant on in our daily lives and in our favorite pastime. Yokohama, Toyo and Nitto tires are all manufactured in Japan; in fact, all Toyo RA-1 and R-888 tires are manufactured in the city of Sendai which is less than 90 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake and around 65 miles from the Fukushima nuclear power plant however, this should not be a cause for alarm. Because of proactive measures taken by both Thunderhill AIM tire and AIM Tire, located at Infineon Raceway, members of the San Francisco region of the Sports Car Club of America will be able to enjoy a full racing season without having to worry about tire shortages.
The Thunderhill/Aim Tire Shop
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NASA-Survive The 25

General News

The NASA 25 hour race is held each year in December at Thunderhill Raceway Park  located in Willows California.

Please click on Speedcast On Demand Video link below to watch a well produced video all about this exciting event!


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