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Thursday, July 10 2014 @ 08:20 AM PDT
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"Racer Boy" Rob Krieder

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Check out this documentary about Krieder Racing and the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderill

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Audi Club members enjoying a RAIN FREE weekend at Thunderhill

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*News Update - December 29, 2010

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Concerning the racetrack lawsuit brought by NCRC, we're pleased to announce that NCRC and Thunderhill have been able to reach an amicable agreement that will allow us all to get back to business and have some fun.



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The attached photo captures the unique nature of the yearly running of North America’s longest automobile endurance race helthe first weekend in December at Thunderhill Raceway Park located just west of the small town of Willows in Glenn County California. Close to seventy [70] entries competed in the non-stop 25 hour marathon of motorized machinery.

The event is presented by the National Auto Sport Association [NASA], a California based recreational and professional sanctioning body that has been conducting events at the track since it opened in 1993.

The event attracts international attention including a cross-section of drivers from all over the world. Media coverage of the event is also world-wide and includes a number of magazine articles that feature various aspects of the race as well as special teams. Some of the teams include automobile manufactures who test new vehicle technology in the anonymity of the event as well as media teams and championship teams from various well-known sanctioning bodies.

The event has a huge impact on the north-valley area because of its size, duration and international identity.

The 2011 edition of this prestigious event will take place on December 1st. For more information on Thunderhill Park go to www.thunderhill.com. To learn more about NASA go to www.nasaproracing.com.

Thunderhill Park is located at 5250 Hwy 162 in Willows and can also be reached by calling (530) 934-5588 ext 101.

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Allen Berg Racing Schools and Thunderhill Raceway in the news.

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More dates will be available in 2011.  Be sure to check the calendar in the upcoming weeks.

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The 2010 NASA 25hr Event!

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Click Here for some exciting news about the 2010 NASA 25hr event. Be sure watch the video located on the page as well!



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Allen Berg Racing School At Thunderhill!

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Click here for some great video from Fox 40 TV on the recent Allen Berg Racing School at Thunderhill Raceway! 

The school will return to Thunderhill in 2011. Watch this website for more info!

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Man 67, Fulfills Car-Racing Dream!

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By Robert Walch • For Off 68 • October 22, 2010

Rick Hartbrodt believes it's never too late to try something new. An ardent car enthusiast all his life, it wasn't until recently that the 67-year-old retired dentist and businessman decided to pursue his long-held desire to race sports cars.



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The Legacy of Thunderhill Park, a story worth reading!

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Contact Thunderhill Raceway today at 530-934-5588.
Thunderhill Park will turn 18 years old this year having opened "officially' in October of 1993. It has been a long journey for those of us who started with the project in the year of 1987. Long in years but even longer in time when you consider that all enterprises that start from scratch take 12 hour days at the rate of seven days a week. That is what we did back then and it is still not uncommon to have a 12 hour day or a seven day week. It's just not every week anymore.
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