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Thunder On The Hill

General News

It was fun writing the history of Thunderhill these many past issues of the Wheel. I hope that you enjoyed them.  As I stated many times there was far more to the history of the track and a great many more people who did great things to make it what it is today than I could capture in my writings. Some people did respond to the stories reminding me of their contributions or some strange story that was most interesting but time and space were my limitations.

Thunderhill Park is a success story that the San Francisco Region of the SCCA can be proud of.  The best part of all that is we are just beginning. Motorsports in whatever forms it takes moving forward will always need some kind of venue. Clearly road courses are high on that need list as witnessed by the many new road courses that have been built since Thunderhill was a twinkle in the eye of Tom McCarthy and his visionary Club board of directors back in 1987. 

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The History Of Thunderhill According To David. Part Five

General News

Over the last 20 years I have had the pleasure to meet many people who have contributed in one way or another to the success of Thunderhill Park.

On the top of the people list of Thunderhill Park is Tom McCarthy.  Born in Fort Dodge Iowa, Tom came to the South Bay in California to attend college and earn a degree in computer science. In San Jose Tom found racing with the SCCA along with Lucy and Du All Machine. Through many tasks, road races and hard work it was Tom who suggested the solution to the woes that troubled the San Francisco Region of the SCCA in the mid-80s, “Let’s build our own track,” he said. Wow! I still find that inspiring. A solution that was impossible - in California - in the 80’s. Tom led the way with fellow club members, a new track committee and anyone else that wanted to come along. He also dealt with the naysayers to see it through.  His reward was to retire from the track board in later years, become “Chairman Emeritus” of the company for life and be put into the SFR/SCCA Hall of Fame.  He is a good man who stands at the top when it comes to the people of Thunderhill Park. We reward his effort every day at Thunderhill.

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Thunderhill West

General News

For a bigger version, click on the map.

Photo Credit: Andrew Bohan

Story Below By David Ray Of Hooked On Driving


David Vodden has asked me to recount some of the involvement that I had, including some of our HOD team, and the re-recruitment of Steve Crawford, as we envisioned a “West Side” of Thunderhill.
The property to the west of the main road course that was owned by San Francisco Properties was a best kept secret….we actually owned almost 200 more acres over the ridge to the west that was being used for nothing but grazing Thor Oden’s cattle. Some had expressed dreams of something on the west side, but nothing had been done   As I spent more time at Thunderhill and committed to Hooked On Driving as a full-time enterprise, I gained an appreciation for the track’s success, and was intrigued about this “other side.” I asked Dave to stay late one night after an HOD track day and walk the property up by T9 and explain what the fence lines meant and for him to get me oriented on property lines between SF Properties land and Thor’s. It was illuminating, but daunting at the same time. The rock ridge – almost a “devil’s backbone” that delineates the main section of the current track from the west side is a clear geological break, and made it look tough. I then asked to borrow the mule from Shannon for an afternoon and wandered about on this area, and I got hooked on the idea. As one looks at the land from Highway 162, you can see a natural flow of a roller coaster type of track with a gently bending straight coming toward the south.
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The History Of Thunderhill According To David. Part Four

General News

After the excitement and drama of the grand opening of Thunderhill on that Halloween weekend in October of 1993 the next task was to build the business and to put Thunderhill on a solid foundation for the years ahead. Sears Point and Laguna Seca were popular tracks with long legacies and lots of business. We were the new kid on the block. Could we compete? Could we rent enough days to pay the bills and keep the property open? These were all fair questions and the answers depended, to a large extent, on how we approached the task.

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SPEC MIATA DRIVERS – Effective immediately, the Toyo RR has been approved for SCCA SMT

General News

Good news for racers! The new Toyo RR will now be allowed in SCCA regional events. Previously SCCA Regional SMT competitors were required to use the Hoosier SM6 or the Toyo Proxes RA-1.This change will now give drivers more options with speed and price in mind. The new Toyo RR features a high grip compound tread design that is meant to be affordable to both the amateur and professional racer. After much speculation about the competitiveness of the Toyo RR, Ron Cortez was quoted as saying ” The Toyo RR is overall a more competitive tire than the Hoosier SM6″. Driver Tyler Vance brought a set of used Toyo RR to race at Cal Speedway after using the same set two weekends prior at Buttonwillow, and qualified on the pole for the Saturday race. Tyler went on to win Saturday’s race, ahead of many competitors who were running on new Hoosiers.


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Thunderhill AFM Championship

General News


Thunderhill  is offering to sponsor a special series for AFM riders in 2013!
What Thunderhill Will Do:
•           All SUNDAY classes (Expert and Novice) will be eligible, if there is a minimum average of FIVE entries at each of the four Thunderhill races in 2013. Classes not meeting the entry requirements will not be eligible for the series.
•           Points will be the number of points assigned from AFM in your respective classes, but only Thunderhill races will be counted over the course of the year (no Sonoma or Buttonwillow finishes).
•           The final Thunderhill event in 2013 will assign DOUBLE points to the Series riders (this ONLY applies to the Series points, NOT AFM points races).
•           Eligible riders must compete in at least 3 of the 4 Thunderhill events in 2013.
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MythBusters Comes To Thunderhill

General News

Kari, Grant and Tory drive Thunderhill in order to test whether a driver really loses 10 pounds worth of water weight during a race.




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A Message From Thunderhill

General News
If you need to leave a trailer or vehicle at Thunderhill Raceway Park, the fee will be $50 per week or $100 per month.Thunderhill encourages you to use this service, however prior to doing so you must contact someone from Thunderhill Management to pay the appropriate fee, and leave your contact information.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Thunderhill Management
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The History Of Thunderhill According To David. Part Three

General News

When last we met, Thunderhill Park was about to open its doors, participating in the birth of a race track and joining the harsh reality in motorsports venue operations. Like most new parents of a neonate, we weren’t exactly sure what we were doing. The track was done as far as we could go. We had a trailer for timing and scoring and another trailer which was basically a place for the stewards and for Pauline Laskin and her race central crew at the grand opening. The track had no curbs and remarkably few walls. The chosen weekend was Halloween and the San Francisco Region of the SCCA was ready. Since 1988 the Club had, in varying degrees, anticipated this event. The buzz within the road racing world and the local community was at an all-time high.

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Toyo Tires Enduro Contingency program announced for 2013

General News

Toyo Tires will offer a new open tire contingency program to all Enduro classes during the 2013 regional racing season. The new contingency program will be available immediately and like all Toyo contingencies, it will be available to Enduro entrants competing on the Proxes® line of Toyo tires.

This new offering to the expansive Toyo contingency program in 2013 increases the available contingency from Toyo Tires to a whopping $10,000,000 in contingency value to NASA racers. One very important note about this new program is its availability to current Toyo contingency participants in other classes. Product awards are available to competitors in addition to any regional Toyo contingency they may have qualified for during the same day. This program is separate in nature and eligible for contingency awards even if a competitor may have already qualified for “Toyo bucks” during the same day. Simply put, if you usually run in a regional sprint racing class on a Toyo tire and collect contingency, you are now eligible to join the ranks of the Enduro competitors and vie for contingency in those classes as well!


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