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Tuesday, July 29 2014 @ 03:53 PM PDT

Motorcycle Riders Praise Thunderhill West Development

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A host of experienced two-wheel riders visited Thunderhill Park to assess the development of the newest road course to appear on the west coast. The two-mile offering called Thunderhill West will open in May of 2014 and offer some very different and exciting riding experiences. “It’s not so much that it is a new track,” noted track GM Shannon Ell, “ as it is a very different ride.” Thunderhill West offers fifteen turns, up and down elevation changes and a 180 degree turn that features an 11 degree bank. “There is simply nothing like it in the market place anywhere,” Ell added. The shorter distance and more compact course will give riders what they want most, cornering, passing and fun. Track days on West will also offer the lowest prices available in the market and allow riders to gather up their friends and conduct riding days of their own.

With the addition of Thunderhill West, Thunderhill Park will now offer a three-mile course [Thunderhill Park] a separate two-mile course [Thunderhill West] and the fabulous Five Miles of Thunderhill. All of these tracks will be unique and offer both riders and drivers exceptional on-track experiences as well as challenging races for those groups who go wheel to wheel.
 The Five Mile track is incredible by all standards in the industry. The connectors are one-of-a-kind and the run from the top of turn nine to the sharp left hand turn at the southern tip of West will truly be a memorable experience for all with what it takes to make the run. Simply awesome is the only word that fits and it truly does apply to all of Thunderhill Parks riding and driving options for track users, event planners, and all participants. Thunderhill will take over Northern California as the track everyone wants to experience over and over again!

Information about Thunderhill can be obtained off the web page at www.thunderhill.com or by accessing the Facebook Page and the Google Fan Page. A phone call also works. Dates on the Three Miles of Thunderhill are available now by calling the track [530]934-5588 ext. 103. Dates on Thunderhill West and the Five Miles of Thunderhill will be made available in the spring. Date “requests” will be accepted at any time throughout the year.

Stay tuned as Thunderhill and Thunderhill West become a major part of the track scene in 2014 and beyond.



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