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Wednesday, October 22 2014 @ 09:30 PM PDT

Renting Thunderhill West

General News

The development of Thunderhill West, the nation’s newest and most unique road course, will provide track opportunities for all who want to experience its twelve-turn, two-mile configuration as early as May 1, 2014. The new track has a number of unique characteristics including an eleven degree banked sweeper turn; a gutsy sharp left following a downhill run reminiscent of Spa’s famous Eau Rouge;  a very tight 180 degree switch-back and an abundance of ups and downs.  The track is FIA standard 36 feet wide and will offer a complete paddock, club house for class room and food service uses plus garages, decks and bathrooms with showers.

The month of May will see testing days on the course for all who want to come learn the very technical configuration. Prior to testing, track management will offer priority rentals of the new track to new and existing customers. Initially customers who have rented the existing three-mile road course will have the first right of refusal to add the two mile track and either use it as an additional track on that same day or to run the five-mile configuration that results from combining Thunderhill West with Thunderhill.  Following the offer to existing booked clients, track days on Thunderhill West will be offered to the general market place. Demand is expected to be strong for those seeking to benefit  from the newness of the venue as well as the unique track experience. Pricing is being developed and will be released in early 2014. 

One way to assure early access to Thunderhill West is to book days on the three mile track now with the expectation of adding the two mile track when it becomes available in 2014.

Currently the official grand opening of Thunderhill West will either be May 17th and 18th or June 21st and 22nd. These two weekends are part of a track championship series presented by the San Francisco Region of the SCCA, the parent company of San Francisco Region Properties, Inc., the corporate name for Thunderhill Raceway Park.

Bookings in 2014 of the three-mile Thunderhill Park course can be made now by contacting the track General Manager, Shannon Ell. To book a date call Shannon at [530] 934-5588, ext. 103. Bookings become binding when contracts are returned with deposits.  Thunderhill staff expects that the new track will attract a great many new users and other automobile and motorcycle interests as a result of the design and offerings of the course and as a result of the addition of fifty two more weekends, Fridays and Mondays.  Bookings for Thunderhill West will be accepted in early 2014 based on the priorities referenced above and the availability of dates on that course.



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