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Wednesday, October 22 2014 @ 10:09 PM PDT

SPEC MIATA DRIVERS – Effective immediately, the Toyo RR has been approved for SCCA SMT

General News

Good news for racers! The new Toyo RR will now be allowed in SCCA regional events. Previously SCCA Regional SMT competitors were required to use the Hoosier SM6 or the Toyo Proxes RA-1.This change will now give drivers more options with speed and price in mind. The new Toyo RR features a high grip compound tread design that is meant to be affordable to both the amateur and professional racer. After much speculation about the competitiveness of the Toyo RR, Ron Cortez was quoted as saying ” The Toyo RR is overall a more competitive tire than the Hoosier SM6″. Driver Tyler Vance brought a set of used Toyo RR to race at Cal Speedway after using the same set two weekends prior at Buttonwillow, and qualified on the pole for the Saturday race. Tyler went on to win Saturday’s race, ahead of many competitors who were running on new Hoosiers.


The new Toyo RR features a symmetric rayon casing construction along with a reinforced sidewall resulting in consistent lap times and corner stability. The Toyo RR is the ideal tire for auto-crossing and track events providing an affordable tire that demands performance.

These tires are for competition use and should never be used on public roads or in wet conditions. These tires will be available in 205/50/15, 225/50/15, and 275/35/18. The Toyo RR is available at Thunderhill AIM Tire



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