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Monday, March 02 2015 @ 11:22 PM PST

Thunderhill AFM Championship

General News


Thunderhill  is offering to sponsor a special series for AFM riders in 2013!
What Thunderhill Will Do:
•           All SUNDAY classes (Expert and Novice) will be eligible, if there is a minimum average of FIVE entries at each of the four Thunderhill races in 2013. Classes not meeting the entry requirements will not be eligible for the series.
•           Points will be the number of points assigned from AFM in your respective classes, but only Thunderhill races will be counted over the course of the year (no Sonoma or Buttonwillow finishes).
•           The final Thunderhill event in 2013 will assign DOUBLE points to the Series riders (this ONLY applies to the Series points, NOT AFM points races).
•           Eligible riders must compete in at least 3 of the 4 Thunderhill events in 2013.

 •           Each Thunderhill Series class champion will be entered into a drawing for special bonus prizes. The second place finisher in the five largest Thunderhill Series classes will also be eligible for the prize drawing.

•           There will be a ceremony for the champions at the AFM Awards Banquet, in January 2014.
•           The Thunderhill Park Series champions will be featured in various press outlets including the Thunderhill Park yearbook and web page after the fact.
•           Bonus prizes may include items such as free test days, motel nights, merchandise, free rider days with key Thunderhill customers, restaurant gift certificates, passes to future events, etc.
•           Points standings in the Thunderhill Series will appear in each Thunderhill program throughout the 2013 season.
What You Need To Do:
•           Just enter and race at the Thunderhill events! And remember, the last event in October will be DOUBLE points (just for the series, not AFM classes) to give everyone an equal opportunity to be an official Thunderhill Champion!