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Saturday, February 28 2015 @ 04:25 AM PST

Next Teen Car Control Clinic June 29, 2015

General News

Our next clinic is on June 29th 2015 on our 2 mile track know as Thunderhill West. Click here to sign up for this fun, exciting, life saving event! The road can be a dangerous place, especially for new drivers.  In fact, traffic accidents are the leading cause of teenage death. To address this issue, Thunderhill has teamed up with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA), and put its own version of “drivers-ed” called the NASA Teen Car Control Clinic. During this clinic, teens and new drivers are taught skills that are not normally learned during normal driving conditions such as threshold breaking, how to react to two wheels dropping off the side of the road, and accident avoidance drills.

Don't wait, sign up today!